Microinfusion Facial

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What is Microinfusion Facial?


A microinfusion facial is a rejuvenating facial using a luxury micro-infusion facial device that delivers a personal blend of ingredients into the skin through ultra-fine needles. The finest ingredients are hand made by our in house nutritionist , dependent on your skin issues and goals, you receive a completely bespoke serum for your facial which will feed and nourish your skin from within.



How does it work?

The microinfusion process has an immediate positive impact on the skin. The reason it reacts so quickly is that the hollow needles are filled with a vitamin-rich concoction that is directly “stamped” into the skin. These micro-droplets are inserted in the shallow layer of the skin. This makes it work quicker and more effectively. Each client can make their own custom concoction, to target their own specific skin problems.  The procedure itself only lasts for approximately 10-minutes overall. Although it’s a strange feeling, it’s not a painful experience.

Is this the same as micro-needling?

At times, microinfusion is confused with another popular beauty therapy called micro-needling. Although, they both involve needles the procedure is totally different. Micro-needling delivers small “micro-injuries” to the face promoting a natural collagen reaction. This is a more intense and long-process, whereas microinfusion will begin to take effect within just 30-minutes. The results are almost immediate.

How long does it last?

The glowing effects of microinfusion last up to 6 months. However, there is also a long-term skincare game at play here. The tiny needle injections will stimulate your own natural collagen. This will have a long-term positive impact on the health of your skin. Most clients will get a microinfusion every couple of months, as a healthy skin booster. There are no side effects, apart from a small amount of dryness in some people.

What can microinfusion help me with?

Microinfusion is perfect for people wanting a fresh and dewy glow to their skin. It can assist with lighting dark circles under the eyes, hydrating the skin, and reducing pore size. It also tightens the skin to alleviate signs of aging. Microinfusion is more effective on people who take care of their skin regularly. This includes a strong skincare regime, along with good sun protection. 

Cheshire Wellness Clinic is an integrative approach to skin health, combining whole foods based nutrition and lifestyle practices with natural skin care products and non ­invasive aesthetic treatments.



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